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June 2021

Newsletter Vol 2 Issue 5

By Newsletter

Maskless Fencing!

As Nevada has returned to “pre-pandemic status” if you have been fully vaccinated, you can fence without facemasks! You may choose to continue to fence with a mask as USA Fencing has not yet indicated if facemasks will be required at Summer Nationals so this may be subject to change.  We will no longer be checking temperatures on arrival.  We will continue fist/elbow bumps and no handshakes as this has been our healthiest season!

Congratulations from recent events:

Fortune RJCC/ROC

Walt Dragonetti VME GOLD

Nick Candela JME GOLD

Matthew Dao JME SILVER;

CME BRONZE and D1AME top 8

Connor Jeong JME top 8 and D1AME BRONZE

Riley Robinson CME SILVER

Jayna Kim D1AWE top 8 her C21


Daniel Jin Y14ME top 32 finish

Eunice Choi CWE and JWE top 32 finishes

Connor Jeong JME top 16 finish

Nick Candela JME top 32 finish

June NAC

Nick Candela JME top 32 finish

Valentine Matveev D1ME top 16 finish

Cheri Chan CWE top 16 finish

Matthew Dao CME top 32 finish

Alex Lee CME top 32 finish

Sumin Lee D1WE top 32 finish

Eunice Choi JWE top 32 finish

And congratulations to all the fencers who earned national points. What a great representation for Battle Born Fencing Club!


Pre-Summer National/Junior Olympics camps

June 14-19 and June 21-25 10am-2:30pm. Includes lunch!  NEW THIS YEAR daily video analysis with Walt! And sports psychology! Regular HIT classes  Fencing morning, noon, and night! SIGN-UP on  Don’t forget to pay your deposit @

www. (one-time payment).

Beginner fencing camp

This week long camp is appropriate for any aged youth fencer who has less than 1 year of fencing experience including new fencers.

The focus will be on proper positioning, footwork, and actions and having fun!

July 25-30 from 9 am-3:00.  Lunch included.


Att: Elementary and Middle School Parents

Starting this fall, Coach Lee will be performing fencing demonstrations.  If you would like him to come to your school, please reply with a request for our introduction letter.

Summer Nationals and JO’s

Due to the limited number of regional events in Region 4, if your fencer did not earn sufficient points, you may petition for a spot at Summer Nationals.  Petitions can be submitted on line starting today 6/8/21 (copy and paste link)

Deadline is June 21.