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Results and World Class Coaches!


  • Awarded the President’s Award 2019 and ranked in the Top 25 Epee fencing clubs in the USA, Battle Born Fencing Club (BBFC) is Nevada’s top-ranked competitive fencing academy, training elite fencers for national and international competitions. BBFC fencers dominate in the Southwest region and consistently earn esteemed medals at the North American Cups, World Championships, World Cups, and compete internationally as members of Team USA.

  • BBFC in Las Vegas is home to world-renowned coaches, all of whom lead by example and cultivate excellence in their students. Accomplished international champions in their own right, our coaches impart their priceless knowledge and experience in group classes and private lessons. Be sure to “Meet our Coaches”.

  • BBFC’s philosophy focuses on sportsmanship, respect, and community. Our fencers and their families enjoy the sport together, celebrate victories together, and uplift one another. This backbone of support catapults our fencers to their highest potentials.

  • BBFC’s strength is reflected in the achievements of our students. In addition to numerous elite fencing accolades, our fencers have been recruited to and/or accepted admission at top U.S. universities, including: Stanford, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, U.S. Air Force Academy, Penn State, UCSD, Ohio State, and Temple.

However, if competitive fencing classes is not what you are looking for, BBFC’s friendly environment allows you to experience fencing recreationally … at your own pace and schedule.