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Return to Fencing FUNDRAISER

BBFC Parents Need Support for Return to Fencing!

Battle Born Fencing Club

In addition to the tragic loss of lives, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world on a grand economic scale, shutting down entire countries and halting daily life as we know it.  The economic strain was felt from industry giants to individual families, forced into quarantine for the good of the community.  Thankfully, early social distancing and stay-at-home orders flattened the curve for Nevada; but over three months of diminished or, in some cases, zero income affected all of us.

Although Battle Born Fencing Club (BBFC) of Las Vegas is one of the country’s Top 10 epee clubs, and home to nationally ranked fencers, it is still a small business.  Early on, during the mandated closure of non-essential businesses, BBFC coaches did their best to keep our fencers in optimal condition by conducting online classes.  But with city-wide loss of work, many families were unable to continue paying monthly membership dues.  Concurrently, the club faced an additional financial stress.  The complex in which BBFC is located came under new ownership in December 2019.  The buyer purchased at top dollar and immediately proceeded with common area improvements.  While the updated façade and safety cameras installed were much needed, unfortunately, the cost of such improvements trickled down to the tenants.  The combination of a pandemic-induced economic recession and a new landlord recouping on investments has resulted in a significant budget deficit for BBFC.

We are asking for your help to get BBFC back on track.  Whether you are a member of BBFC, have friends who are members, a supporter of this ancient Olympic sport, or have a generous heart, we sincerely appreciate your generosity.  Your kindness will ensure that BBFC will continue to thrive, nurturing the passion for fencing in our current and future students.  We realize that everyone is facing financial hardships at this time, so we THANK YOU in advance for any donation, large or small.

We invite you to visit BBFC, as we are currently open for classes and offering introductory sessions.  You can also check out our club at


$7000 Goal


Thank you to all the supporters!

Fred and Lori Chung
Sean Lauron
Eddie and Vinne Tai
Brian and Diane Jin
Evan Raines
Onalisa Shackleford
Corena Wickett
Jolie and Ethan Nguyen
Natalie Leung
Courtney Dumas
Bennie and Amy Montoya
Riley Robinson
Nick Candela
Zoe Kim
Ben and Alex Koppe
Michelle Bischoff
Stella and Tallulah Ho
Gail Bonath
Eunice Choi
Kim Killian
Carla Corbit
Faith Park
Jayna and Jayden Kim
Rahnia Cootey
Mickey Norton

Sammy Hwang

Olaf and Sebastian Mulcahy

Sandy Abele

George Tu


Nolan Yumiaco