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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, participation in almost every sport halted. With restrictions slowly easing, many are resuming, under strict social distancing protocols. However, as facts about COVID-19 remain uncertain, non-contact sports, like fencing for which the only contact is with the blade, provides lower chances of transmission.

Fencing teaches boys and girls agility, coordination, and tactical skills, while being fun and safe. A lifelong sport, fencing is often referred to as physical chess, engaging students physically and mentally. In addition, fencing gives your child a distinct advantage when applying for college.

Battle Born Fencing Club (located here in Las Vegas) has established an environment with the lowest risk possible for our members and coaches, adhering to CDC and USA Fencing COVID-19 guidelines.

Come try a class! Email us your name and phone number at for more information about our Kids and Adult Beginner Fencing Classes.

  Beginner Fencing Class 

Want a great workout for both the body and brain? Our beginner kids and adult classes are designed to teach you the basics of epee fencing-terminology, positioning, and actions.

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BBFC has implemented COVID strategies including temperature checks at the door, one-way entrance and exit, regular cleanings between classes, and facemask wearing at all times including under the fencing mask during bouting.


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