A Fencing-Dedicated Facility

The 15 strips and the latest in electronic scoring equipment, Battle Born Fencing Club is large enough for multiple simultaneous training groups, clinics, seminars, or tournaments.

Finals Area

The raised finals area has two metal strips. The finals strip has a machine with clock, score, and repeaters.


Having problems with a weapon? Need a rewire? Bennie can fix it. Inquire for pricing.

Equipment is Provided

All equipment is provided for beginning fencers. Come wearing track pants, a t-shirt, and athletic shoes; we have all the protective equipment you will need to fence safely.

Pro Shop

The pro shop offers a limited supply of commonly used fencing gear. We will help you place custom orders for items not in stock.

Family Friendly Space

The lobby has a free wi-fi network with plenty of space to observe the fencing class, socialize with other community members, or just relax on the couch with a book.